Sunday, June 12, 2005

On our own

Well, early this morning, Golf took Mom to the airport and I won't see her til the end of August, if all goes as planned. We'll sure miss her and even with a baby here, the apartment seems very quiet. We've got the hang of being parents, and I think we'll be fine.

Yesterday I went to a nearby medical clinic about my wrist. Turns out I have an inflamed tendon and the doctor gave me a steroid shot and I need to take it easy on my hand for about a week. If the pain does not clear up within a week, I may need surgery on it. PLEASE no! I'd do it here in Thailand, though, because it's affordable. As a matter a fact, the doctor's visit, the shot and the gel to rub in for pain came to less than $9!

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Jyotsna said...

Hi Amy,

I thought you might have that. I will tell you what is good for it right now...resting it. It has been overused apparently. Otherwise, massage will help circulation too.

From what I learned, it is better to treat it naturally than to have surgery. I think that you could use the hard sling that those with carpal tunnel use, and it would help keep it immobile unti it gets time to heal.

With your computer, you need to get one of those soft gel wrist support pads. It will help you keep your wrist in the right position while typing.

Hope you feel better soon! And sorry your mom is gone. It must have been wonderful having her there with you guys while you learned the ropes. I know you will be fine now, and it is best that you have time alone with the baby, even tho you will miss your mom!