Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Getting a wee bit nervous

Today at 5 PM I have my appointment to get my two lower wisdom teeth jerked out. Kind of an odd hour for such a thing, but that's when the dentist that does tooth extraction is in. Golf pointed out that it's a good time of day to have this procedure done because about four hours afterward I'll be going to bed and getting a lot of rest. We shall see how it goes! I need to pump a feeding for Aidan so I can just chill afterward.


amygeekgrl said...

Thinking of you. Hope you recover quickly.

I had my 2 taken out when I was about 22. It was the week after I'd broken up w/ a boyfriend. Not good timing. But overall the experience wasn't that bad. Just remember not to drink out of straws to avoid dry sockets.

Good luck!!

Running2Ks said...

Good luck, heal fast!