Sunday, August 07, 2005

Taking advantage of more Thai luxuries

So yesterday I had a massage, the day before I had my teeth cleaned for less than $15, Thursday I will have two wisdom teeth taken out for about $40, and today I'm going to get a manicure and pedicure. I regularily have this done since it's so cheap. With the tip, it ends up being less than $5. I try to have it done every couple weeks and I plan to do it again 'round about the day before we fly back home. I may do it once a month once we return too, because I'm a nail biter, a really bad one, so if I keep my nails nice looking, I won't want to bite them and make them ugly. So they're either really nice looking or really ugly. No in betweens for me, unfortunately. It's worth it too, I think, because Golf really dislikes it when my nails are bit short and look ragged and have stumpy looking fingers. I don't like it either. Lastly, I plan to have my hair highlighted before our big day. I look younger and better with lighter hair, just kind of a pain to maintain once the roots start growing back. I plan a life of frugality, but some beauty regimines must be retained to keep me feeling good about myself.


alise said...

In trying to save for a house in southern California, I have had to do my own manicures and pedicures. Unfortunately, my body experienced severe muscle spasm and I was forced to go to the professionals for a pedicure as I could not reach my own feet without severe pain. Did you know it costs less to have your own teeth cleaned then to have your pet's teeth cleaned? I find it strange.

Angelo Manners said...

Super work performed.