Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two square meters is ALOT!

The movers came this morning and practically gutted our apartment! We hired this international shipping service to move our stuff by boat and it will all arrive at the Port of Oakland in about one month, which is about two weeks after we arrive. We hope to have our apartment by then.

Anyway, we ordered two square meters of boxing because that was the minimum required. Well, I thought it was not that much space and was thinking I was going to have to find another box to take stuff as check in luggage on our flight. No, I was seriously wrong and we ended up throwing in most our clothes, all our plastic coat hangers, some bathroom stuff, virtually all my clothes, since none fit after giving birth, and our DVD player. Any movies we want to watch for the next 17 days will be on the laptop computer. In total, they took away eight HUGE boxes of stuff. Now we just whittle away the days til we go home.

Aidan also got his plane ticket delivered today. Glad he is able to come with us.




amygeekgrl said...

Glad to hear Aidan can come home with you. ;)

When is the big day anyway? I bet you are excited (and relieved to have most of the packing done)!

Amy said...

August 26th! Fifteen days and counting... :)

Dalton Schlegel said...

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