Monday, August 22, 2005

So busy getting ready for our move

The heat is on folks -- the final homestretch! Today Golf's niece came by get our bookshelf, shoe rack, some other shelving, and the extra mattress, pillows and blankets that we borrowed for my mother's visit. We then went to do some banking errands. Our apartment is nearly empty! Today was a big day to get some important stuff done, and well, tomorrow and Wednesday too. I guess Thursday as well! Jeez, til the day we leave for the airport we got important stuff to take care of but the rest of this afternoon we have free. Golf went to get his Thai massage and I'm enjoying the internet while Aidan is taking a nap.

We've also been enjoying food that you can't get in the States, and unfortunately, much of it is fattening. The seriousness of my weight loss will begin once we get settled into our apartment! I'm even going to document it here on this blog so I can hold myself accountable. OK -- off to surf around some. :)


Jyotsna said...


I have friends that will be adopting a little girl by the name of Nitiya next year, probably near the Christmas holiday seasons. She will be in Chang Mai 1 week (where her daughter is from) and 2 weeks in Bankok. They are looking for a hotel in Bankok, that is nice, but not overpriced. They are looking for American standards.

Any suggestions, and for things they should visit with their daughter while they are in Bankok?


Amy said...

Tell them to check out -- there are hotel bookings she can do and many have photos she can look at as well as prices and locations. There is also a section on what to see and do -- she can go to the Grand Palace, Wat Po and Wat Arun are the main historical attractions. There are more listed on the website. I would like to be able to tell you more in detail, but I cannot with our move coming so soon. I could go into more detail after we're settled in the States if she needs more help.