Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I feel so NAKED....

.... without my wedding ring!

Yesterday Golf, Aidan and I went to MBK shopping center which is a madhouse Thai-style shopping mall. We went in the morning of a weekday in the hopes that it would be quieter because we needed to get some last minute shopping and errands done before we leave in nine, yes, NINE days!

Quieter? HAH! In this shopping mall, if you get there early (as in nearly 11 AM) hardly any of the shops are open. I needed to get new shoes and saw ONE place that looked like they carry my size -- an 8 1/2, which is a HUGE female foot in this country. They simply don't have my size. The largest is size 8 and that's a rare find too.

Well as she shops started opening, the noise increased. You have huge screens advertising movies and other products that are over big speakers, individual boutiques that think they are a mini nightclub with all the loud techno pumping out of it; in the middle of the mall you sometimes have promotion performances with girls with squeaky voices shrieking on a microphone. Etc. etc. etc. We covered the baby's ears as much as we could. Here is another picture of the madhouse.

Anyway, the whole point of me coming with Golf to this shopping center is that this is where we bought our wedding rings and they were about three to four sizes too big for us and we wanted them resized before we left. Had to wait til after pregnancy when my fingers weren't so swollen.
Now we made the big trip into town, which took longer because of unexpected extra traffic on the streets. We also had to look out for Aidan and hope he didn't get too overly stimulated.

We get to our jewelry shop and it's CLOSED FOR ONE DAY!! The very day we come. I am NOT taking Aidan back to this circus! I am so PO'd it's all I can do to retain my composure. And my shoe store is still closed too, so my coming with Aidan was completely useless.

So we go to eat some lunch and think about our next move and Golf suggested that we take our rings to a different jeweler. There are so many of them in this mall, all competing with one another for business. Good idea. So we went to this other one and yes, they can resize, reingrave our names and re-brush the silver around the rim. Both for 700 Baht or $17. I have no clue what the charge would be in the States -- about $100 EACH ring maybe??? Thank goodness for the quick thinking on my husband's part. They will be ready on Thursday and Golf will go by himself to pick them up and buy some more shirts.

Then Aidan was getting fussy so I took him to the Tokyo department store and found a dressing room and nursed him for half an hour while Golf exchanged some pants that he bought before that didn't fit properly.

After that, we checked to see if my shoe store was open. Yes, it was. Golf held Aidan one floor below -- the furniture floor that was always quiet, while I shopped for my shoes. I was looking for the kind of sport shoes that are thin soled that you just slip on. They've been kind of popular the last year or two and I like the styles. Of course the feminine ones only went up to about 7 1/2 and I had to settle for a pair of men's shoes that didn't look too masculine. They are an olive green with dark blue. Could go either way... Bought them for less than $10.

I also bought alot of hairbands and other hair accessories for cheap. Then we went home and just chilled the rest of the day. Had to after battling such crowds and noise with a baby not quite three months old!


Running2Ks said...

I never thought about the shoe issue, but it makes sense. My husband is my height--so not tall--but when he heads to Asia for work, he calls himself a "giant among men". I have the same size feet as yours :) And I know what you mean about missing the wedding band.

amygeekgrl said...

Oh man, I'd be screwed for shoes then too. I wear size 10! They would probably all think I was a freak of nature.

My sister went to India and she had many people want their picture taken with the gigantic white woman. ;) LOL

Gosh, that place is friggin huge. I don't blame you for not wanting to take Aidan back there. Looks like a madhouse.