Thursday, August 11, 2005

So far so good

Had the wisdom teeth pulled last night. The experience wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't horrible either. Today I have a very sore lower jaw and throat. Not much swelling. I'm eating soft foods. This morning I had a rice congee and will likely have a rice soup for lunch. I was still able to have a couple cups of coffee this morning, but have been regularly rinsing my mouth with room temp water. I told my DH this morning that my pain and swelling feels just like when I had my tongue pierced about 10 years ago! LOL! And I didn't have any anesthesia then either! Nor did I take any pain killers afterward. (Incidentally, I had that piercing only about two and a half years, much to my parents' relief!) I have to take 400 mg of Ibupofin and two antibiotic tablets three times a day. I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days. :)


amygeekgrl said...

Glad you are managing ok. I know it's not a pleasant experience (I wasn't fond of the pressure the dentist put on my jaw to extract my teeth - felt like all his weight was on my mouth!), but at least it's done and over with now.
Quick healing vibes to you. :)

Amy said...

Thanks, Amy. :) My problem now is that no matter what I eat, even if it's soft, it goes into my deep pits where my teeth were. I have to use a flashlight and a toothbrush and gently dig it out. It almost makes me nauseous seeing such deep holes there, and I worry about getting an infection.