Sunday, August 07, 2005

Monday Madness

I haven't played in quite awhile, so here's a Monday Madness meme:

What would you do in the following situations?
1. The store clerk undercharges you for an item you purchase? Tell the clerk the correct price and pay the correct amount. Or I would ask if it's on sale.

2. The cashier gives you change for a fifty dollar bill when you only gave her a twenty, and you don't realize it until you're out the door? Turn around and give back the difference. Gotta keep the karma good!

3. You see your best friend's husband/wife with another woman/man at a neighborhood restaurant? Don't assume anything -- could be a co-worker for all I know. But ask my friend how everything is in their marriage maybe?

4. Your 15 year old asks you if you ever tried an alcoholic beverage before you were of legal drinking age (and you have)? Tell the truth. Hey, I may even give my kid a glass of wine -- I don't believe in the 21 year old drinking age limit anyway. But I will tell him to obey the law when he's out in public. When in my house, he may have some drink every once in awhile, for special occasions, and only under parental supervision. This way, alcohol won't be some forbidden fruit he will likely be eager to abuse away from his parents' eyes.

5. You find a one hundred dollar bill laying on the floor of a department store? When it comes to cash, there's no way to find the rightful owner. So you win some, you lose some. I will put it in my pocket and buy something nice for myself, hubby and son. :) OR I might pay off some bill of some sort. And then I won't complain too loudly when it happens to me next time.

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sharba said...

Hi! I've never been to your site, but I'm one of Otto,s (MM lady) sisters. Sounds like you're anxious to move. Good luck! I thought you had great answers, especially #5!