Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I have two best girlfriends. One friend, M, has been in my life since 1989, so that's (getting out the calculator) 16 years! WOW! We're making plans to have Aidan and I, hopefully Golf too (providing he doesn't have any work projects), come out to her home, where I lived with her and her husband for a nine month period before returning to Thailand back in 2002. I've only seen her twice since moving back home but at least we chat on the phone.

My other friend, C, has been my friend for about 11 years. Right now she lives not far -- in Oakland. But she's tired of her studio apartment and neighborhood and is looking in Alameda too! It's so exciting to know that she will be even closer. She came over for dinner last night, something we like to try and do about once a week. If she ends up living nearby, then we can even powerwalk together on the weekends.

Now I have a new friend, D! I met her a few weeks ago, actually. She's a next door neighbor with a baby boy who is a month and a half younger than Aidan. Yesterday we walked to the farmer's market, a weekly thing, and we've taken walks around the neighborhood and had an iced tea and snack at a local deli once. She's so nice and what's also great is that our talk about babies is only about 25% of our conversation. But if one of us has to back out of plans because of a grumpy or napping boy, then we totally understand. She was going to be moving to Las Vegas in the near future, but that didn't pan out, so we're both happy she's going to be next door for awhile more.

I'm so lucky to have such great girlfriends!


Running2Ks said...

It's so important, when we are home with the kids, to not become isolated. Especially if you are contemplating homeschooling.

This is wonderful--you have a great support system already.

julie persons said...

nothing more important than woman friends when we are raising our children (or any part of our lives, for that matter...)