Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Voting and getting things done

Yesterday was the California special election and I did my civic duty. And when I woke up this morning and turned on the news, it looks like the majority of voters in California felt as I did and defeated all of Ah-nold's propositions. I was a little surprised at the outcome, but it sure makes a statement.

I found a card table on Craigslist yesterday for only $10. I need a small table to start my collage work, but don't want to pay $35 to $40 for a new one. This lady was selling one and she lives in San Leandro, only six miles away. However she called last night at 6:45 PM and the only time she could be home to make the transaction is after 6 PM, not a good time with having a baby. AND with the rush hour, it would take me a good 45 minutes just to get there. Bummer. I will just have to keep looking. I also need a flat file cabinet to store all my papers, so I'm looking for a good deal on the internet for that. One small step at a time.

In about an hour and a half, Golf, Aidan and I are leaving for the social security office to 1. Get Aidan's SS card and 2. to change to my husband's last name. I couldn't change my name while living in Thailand because of my passport and thought it would just be easier to wait til we get here. Then sometime next week, I need to go to the DMV to do the same thing. I hope I can keep my old picture. I don't want my fat self on it. And can I give my pre-pregnancy weight and just tell them I'll be at that weight within the year???? I shutter to think I'd have to give my current poundage.

Let us hope for no long lines at the Social Security office!!!

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