Sunday, November 06, 2005

A visit to the Hoopla House

Yesterday Golf, Aidan and I went to my best friend's house, which she and her hubby named the Hoopla House. Do any of you readers name your homes? I lived there with Mel n Daryll for about 8 months or so before I decided to move back to Thailand. It was great seeing the changes they have made, and how many things have stayed the same. Aidan was a good boy and even took about an hour nap, allowing Golf and I some pure adult time. I helped Mellie pick out a colorful, bright sari from her closet to wear to the ashram for the Diwali festival that night, and Golf hung out with Darryl and both talked about emigrating to the US (Daryll is from England). It was a warm, sunny Saturday and I hope we get to see more of them.

Later on this morning we're meeting up with my other friend at the Oakland farmer's market at Jack London Square. The days have still been warm and sunny, perfect weather for meandering outdoors and seeing some boats go by.

We should be back in time for lunch and have a mellow rest of the day. I might take a power walk with Aidan later this afternoon. Aidan's been better about his stroller so I've been exercising more vigorously to try and get rid of some of this fat. It feels great, although I've gotten a little out of shape from the months of not being able to get a good workout. I should be back on track in a few more months of this regular routine.

OK, so then tomorrow my parents come for the day, then on Tuesday my sister's coming out for a visit and I also have to go vote (California special election). That means that my trip to the Social Security office will have to be on Wednesday. My week is suddenly busy and also Golf's got a huge project coming in. That's it for now! :)


Running2Ks said...

I call mine the Victorian Academy since my husband said Albatross Sieve was too negative :)

Amy said...

Your husband sounds very creative! I like the name you settled on. :)