Sunday, November 06, 2005

Really pleased with it

My home made yogurt rocks!!!! Yesterday I tried using a tablespoon of yogurt as my starter instead of this expensive freeze dried starter that I've bought in the past at the natural foods store. Today my yogurt is better than any of the other batches I've ever made. Hooray! It's great when the less expensive option is actually better. I'm enjoying it with my homemade apple and pear whole wheat scone.


Mel said...

aaahhh, that rocks. I've always admired the wholesomeness that crops up in you, a trait that you've inherited from your mother I think. My father had that kind of love of wholesomeness too. It's respect for Mother Nature! :) I can't wait to try some of your yogurt with your new passionfruit honey... :P Oh, and good job!

amygeekgrl said...

Very cool. I need to try to make some of my own sometime. It's a lot cheaper than buying it at the store, isn't it?