Tuesday, November 22, 2005

HP Review and Baking Day

Let me start this post by saying that Harry Potter was fabulous! You can tell the need for a PG13 rating when you see this film and it's amazing how fast these kids have grown up. Ron Weasley has got big broad shoulders now! In my imagination, I thought of Voldemort as scarier looking, but if they made him scarier in this film, a PG13 rating would not have been possible. I'd say the best scenes were the Quiddich World Cup (They captured the excitement of the event on a grand scale) and of the Dragon event for the Tri Wizard Tournament. This shouldn't give anything away if you've read the books already. On a sidenote, the previews for children's movies all look like crap. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but today's humor geared toward kids sucks!

So today and tomorrow are Baking Days. I'm making southern cornbread dressing and apple pie and also some rasin walnut scones to take to my sister's house. She's hosting it this year and there's supposed to be 12 or 13 people there! WOW! It will be the first time Aidan will meet his uncle Bill, great-aunt Annie and my sister's husband's mom, dad and sister. Golf has yet to meet his brother in law or aunt in law too. It'll be very interesting and fun. I'm going to bring my new trivia DVD game: Name That Tune 80s edition. It's supposed to be for my birthday next month, but seeing how many of us will all be together, then I want to take advantage of that situation.

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