Saturday, January 21, 2006

A day in San Francisco

Today we got to go to San Francisco!!! This was my first time going into the City since moving from Bangkok, and it was Aidan's first ever time. Chinatown is now celebrating the Chinese New Year with a street fair this weekend, so we decided to go check it out. Golf is ethnically 3/4 Chinese 1/4 Thai, so this is a part of his and Aidan's heritage and it's important to attend such cultural functions.

The fair was packed. Most vendors sold Chinese newspapers, music CDs, VCDs and DVDs. There were plants and flowers for sale and Chinese New Year banners and money envelopes. We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look. We decided to go to a good dim sum restaurant that Golf knew of and it was also packed with people, so that was a sure good sign it served delicious food. And it was delicious. :) After lunch we shopped around the next street up where all the food stores are, and they were equally packed with Chinese patrons, getting ready for the new year.

We then decided to walk to the waterfront where the San Francisco Ferry building is. That area has been revitalized after decades of neglect and the result is a now famous farmer's market and foodie mecca galore. We went inside and browsed all the gourmet food shops. We bought a square of chocolate each, bittersweet 70% cocoa. Just right. Then we came to the cheese shop. It's famous for specializing in locally made artisan cheeses, so I tried to find a nice stinky goat cheese that was still small, since Golf doesn't like cheese at all. He can't understand the appeal of eating moldy old hardened milk. MMMmmmmm boy but I can. Bring it on!!!

There were so many pictures taken that I couldn't possibly put them all on this blog, so Golf updated the photo album. The first couple rows of pictures are from before our day out, so look beginning from the BART station and I wrote out captions so that you know what you're looking at.

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Mel said...

Great pics Aim! I especially like the one with you holding Aidan outside and he has his tongue sticking out, YOU look so lovely! (and we all know how cute Aidan is ;) I must find out what the name and location of the dim sum place is you guys ate, I only know of one decent place in Chinatown called "Gold Mountain". Boy, I can't believe how easy it is to miss New Year celebrations if you don't know where to go, as I was in San Francisco just blocks from you all! :D