Saturday, January 28, 2006

So many milestones at once

That baby is learning so much this month! On the 7th of this month he just began crawling. As of today he can zip around the apartment quickly and is now pulling up to a standing position. He can also fall effectively onto his butt without hurting himself, it's his way of changing direction. Now he likes to practice pulling up all the time.

Two days ago he also broke his first teeth -- the two lower ones. Baby's growing up!


amygeekgrl said...

wow, that is a lot of milestones all at once! how exciting!! :)

Running2Ks said...

Just a quickie hello and I find all of this great news!

Cheers to babyproofing more ;)

SonjaOutdoorMama said...

I found your blog through Amygeekgrls blog. I love the name Aiden, it's a strong name. My parents live in San Jose, so it's neat to read your posts! Keep up the great work with your wonderful little boy!

alise said...

I saw the photos of him on line. Why is he INSANELY cute? Just when I thought I would not be able to stand the cuteness, my husband told me that we had a package hiding on our front porch. Seeing that it was from you, we greedily tore into it like timber wolves into a bison carcass. WHAM! We were struck by images of such unimaginable cuteness as that baby's face smiled out at us. I hugged the framed photo so tightly Bill had to wrest it from be before I had a chance to break it. I am so pleased with the locket-sized photo I can hardly stand it. I really liked the on line photos of him giving various things the business. I sure miss him! Thank him for his cute little pictures.