Monday, January 30, 2006

Wading through investment information

It's so incredibly overwhelming in the choices we have to make for deciding our financial future. My goal this week is to put money to work for me. I've read a little bit about investing, but the time has come to make some decisions and take action. It worries me alot what we will do for our retirement and we must start saving today, so this week this is my goal. I also want to start contributing to Aidan's college fund.

We've also decided that the probability of owning a house in California is financially not possible. It's just way too expensive in this state! At our ages, it's wiser to invest the money we would have otherwise saved for a down payment to go into our retirement funds. This could, of course, change over the years, but right now we want to build up our funds rather than deplete them.

Ugh, now to wade through the floods of information.

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