Thursday, July 14, 2005

Babies and sleep (or lack thereof)

We're up early, ready to go to town for our appointment at 8:30. We're leaving at 6:30 to allow for the rush hour traffic. The plan was to get up at 5 AM, one hour to get ready and half an hour to nurse. Didn't work out that way. I went to bed last night at 9 PM and took the baby with me. He nursed til like 9:40, since I dozed off. Golf came to bed shortly afterward, at 10 PM to get some good rest since we had an early day. Aidan wouldn't have it. He woke up promptly at 10 PM and it took us til after 11 to finally get him settled down again, and that was only because it was time to nurse again.

I thought OK, he can get up at 5, I can nurse til 5:30. Nope he was up at 4. So basically I got just over four hours of sleep and Golf got less than 4. I hope he gets some nappy time today so we can catch up. I have to pump today and also go to school to prepare for tomorrow's lesson, so it's still a busy day upon return too. Ugh. Thank god I teach only once a week.

For the sleeping problem: He went to sleep at 4 PM yesterday because I couldn't get him to take his nap earlier. Then he woke up at 6:30 to nurse and then at 7 he went back to sleep. So by 9 he's not ready to sleep more since he'd been out since 4. So now we're going to try to keep him awake after 4 PM. If he doesn't take a nap, like yesterday, then 6 PM will be the cut off time. He needs to know the difference between night time sleep and daytime naps. I hope that strategy works better.

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