Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Unable to exercise again

My exercise time was sabotaged again yesterday. This time it was due to a downpour. If it's not a fussy or hungry baby that needs to be nursed, then it's the weather. I can only go out at 5 pm or later because of the heat. And Golf has to stay home with the baby while I go out and try and lose some weight. SIGH. Maybe today I can try again.

I saw on another blog a link to PostSecret -- where you mail in an artfully made post card of a secret you have. You remain anonymous. The artwork is really neat and it's addictive to read people's secrets.

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Mel said...

Hmm, interesting site. Though I must admit, I think most of them are from the same person. There's a common rythm and tone (dark) that many of the cards have, and common style too. Too many similarities in the post cards to be from the masses, me thinks. But I can see how reading them would be addictive, kinda like a novel someone wrote. I think if those secrets were from the masses, you'd see more absurd ones. The artwork is neat to look at though, for sure. Some captivating images...