Thursday, July 28, 2005

My happy boy

DH just updated Aidan's web gallery with new pictures. The first picture just makes me laugh it is so precious. I love seeing my son look so happy and growing so big on his mommy's milk. I love being a mama! :)


Anna said...

My god those photos are cute!
I can't WAIT to see my nefew! I want to kiss those cheeks!
Aidan is precious beyond words. I love him and I've never even met him!

I appreciate every photo you take of him. He is so cute. It's nice to finally see him smile.
I love Aidan!!!

Your sister,

Running2Ks said...

You must have some adorable milk ;) This baby is sweet!

Amy said...

Why thank you both! :) I'm a pround mama in love with her baby. :)

amygeekgrl said...

What a cutiepie Aidan is! :) He looks like a happy lil fellow. Love the pic of the two of you together.

Does he have dual citizenship in the US and Thailand? Funny to see such a lil guy w/ a passport. ;)

Amy said...

Thanks, Amy! Yes, he had dual citizenship and it is also strange to see a baby with a passport. Aidan gets to have two! :)

Hank Plaster said...

I am interested in your blogs.