Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Golf had his tooth pulled out

Yesterday Golf, the baby and I went to his dentist so he could get one of his wisdom teeth pulled out. We are making it a point to get all our dental work done here in Thailand since it's a fraction of the cost compared to the US. This way we also won't have to worry about purchasing dental insurance and we will go to a dental training institution for our cleanings.

My poor hubby is in a bit of pain, and quite a bit of pain last night. I felt so bad because the baby can only fall asleep with Golf and his ways of rocking him. Aidan just gets fussy with me. So here's my poor, poor man rocking the baby and he's exhausted from being in pain.

I was able to deal with Aidan all night except for the usual time he wakens after his 4 AM feeding and needs rocking to sleep again. Golf has to do that too, but it takes about a half hour and we were able to sleep in til 7 AM today. I told Golf he should have had his tooth extracted while I was still pregnant, but anyway, there's nothing we can do about it now and he recovers quickly. He did say, though, that if the dentist says I can get away with not having my wisdom teeth pulled, then don't do it. Yeah, I have to get this done too. I plan to go in for a cleaning and consultation next week, so we shall see what the dentist says. Not fun, but money saving later on! I couldn't have it done for a long time because when we were trying to conceive, I didn't know if I was pg or not, and didn't want to risk the embryo with anesthesia. Then, of course, when I was pregnant, taking anesthesia was not an option. So my only opportunity is now.

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Running2Ks said...

I narrowly escaped having my wisdom teeth removed. But if you can do the chipmunk dance before you move back, and if it needs to be done, it sounds like a good idea.