Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pukin' migraine

I woke up this morning with a pretty bad headache. We didn't have any ibuprophen or Tylonol, only some of Golf's Excedrin, which I know I can't take unless I eat something or I feel sick. Well, it's difficult to eat early in the morning with a severe headache, but I downed some leftover ministrone soup and took a pill. I had already nursed Aidan, thank goodness, because shortly after that I had to lay back down because the pain and nausea were too much. I put a pillow over my head and just waited it out. I was so thankful that Golf was here to help take care of the baby. I don't know what mothers do when they are real sick and have to still take care of the baby. This is something I really dread in the future. I remember when I was a small child and my mother caring for me and my sisters when she still had the flu. Poor mom.

Forty minutes later I got up thinking I felt better and Golf told me Aidan was hungry again. I said that was fine because I was feeling better. The words just came out of my mouth when I suddenly knew I was going to vomit and I made it to the bathroom just in time. I was SOOOO glad that the bathroom was cleaned yesterday, for there's nothing worse than having to put your face close up to a filthy, stinking toilet. EWWWW!

I finished puking and felt a little better and took Aidan to bed with me to nurse. Fortunately it's not a big deal to nurse in bed and I could rest while he got his food. We fell asleep together for awhile too.

It's now afternoon and while I don't feel 100%, I sure feel much better. Thankfully I get migrane headaches only once or twice a year and they go away in a few hours.


Running2Ks said...

That just sounds so terrible! I'm glad you had help and I'm glad you were able to recover enough. Migraines are awful.

Jyotsna said...


Hope you feel better soon! When Ravi was a baby, I got the stomach virus really badly. Chandra stayed home for 2 days, and went back to work. It took me 5 days to start to be able to eat. I felt awful for Ravi. I would turn on PBS, and let him watch. Chandra would come home during the middle of the day, give him lunch, make a snack for later and put it in the fridge.

Recently, I got very feverish, stomach virus and all three kids were here with me. Ravi now is old enough to make peanut butter sandwhiches, and cherios and milk. It is enough till you get well.


Anonymous said...

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amygeekgrl said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with migraines. How long have you been having them?

Mine let up while I was pg with Ava, but then came back (though not nearly as frequently) after she was born. My last doozy of a migraine was a couple weeks ago. Jody had to come home from work I was so sick. Threw up like 4 times, blah. It was awful.

Have you found anything to take for them while breastfeeding? I usually try Tylenol and drinking a Coke when I first feel one coming on. Sometimes that works.

Hope you don't have to deal with this very often.