Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday teaching

I had agreed with the school to teach for three hours every Saturday a class of G1 students who have trouble in English. It gives me almost enough money to pay the rent for the next couple months we are here. So I had prepared for 10 students. Then when I arrived this morning, about six G2 students arrived per the arrangements I had made with another teacher there but had forgotten. I didn't know how many students she was sending me anyway... so I hadn't prepared for that many kids.

In short, it was a madhouse. I have 16 kids to babysit once a week -- practically nothing got taught because I'm the only one there with no help. I'm not good with this age group anyway -- I do far better with 3rd or 4th graders. Kids ran everywhere and it was terribly noisy. Well, until they get to know me it will be awkward like that and I have 3 to 5 more Saturdays to teach before leaving Thailand. It was good to be able to converse with my colleagues on Thursdays and Fridays anyway. I had to do lots of pumping for Aidan because when he's still this young, life happens between feedings. :)

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