Sunday, July 24, 2005

Breakfast today

Well yesterday I started a new MO for losing weight -- simply drinking alot more water. Lately I've been snacking too much in the afternoon and this is a primary reason for not losing any weight since Aidan was born. That and being sedentary all day in the apartment will not lead to weight loss! So instead of grabbing some snack, I'm grabbing a glass of water and see how that goes. I'm also going to forgo the afternoon cup of coffee I like to drink, mostly because I'm craving sweet stuff.

Then Golf goes this morning to get X Donuts (pba-tong-go in Thai) which is a Chinese treat. It's a savory X-shaped dough deep friend and enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Many people like to eat it with some sweetened condensed milk drizzled on it too, which is delicious. Here is a picture of the last three!

The vendors make it only in the early mornings, and Aidan got us up by 7 AM so Golf wanted to buy some. I said OK, since it's not conveniently available in the USA and I'm trying to eat things here that are not readily available in the States since our days here are numbered. Well, even though these are very fattening, I'm not going to just give in the rest of the day. I'm still going to drink my water.

It's also been cool and cloudy/rainy the last few days and I got in a good power walk yesterday and I hope to do so again today. I save my yoga workouts for days that are too hot to go out. Or if it's pouring rain.

Today Golf goes to get Aidan's Thai passport. Woo hoo!


Jyotsna said...

Those look so yummy. Why the X shape? Good luck losing weight on those! : )

Sadly, I have too much acid reflux to eat those! I can't eat much that has been deep fried. Just how are those made?

alise said...

As an individual who has been deeply and successfully committed to weight loss, I have a few points to ponder. First, why would you give up your afternoon cup of coffee? I have found that if I don't have coffee in the afternoon (sweetened with Splenda), then my appetite increases through the remainder of the day. Does the caffeine keep the baby up? I try to keep my calories under 800 per day to continue losing wieght at the rate I am, so I have to limit my fat intake to less than 80 grams per day. I opt for these calories in cheese, half-n-half, fish and chicken. That yummy looking plate of fried goodness seems to have at least 40 grams of fat for one meal. wouldn't you rather have some fresh fruit, whole grains, perhaps a yogurt for about 10 grams of fat? If you can use caffeine without it disrupting your baby, I have found it to be a great dietary aide. It helps me get through yoga. Nothing will continue to change your body and spirit like yoga. Try feeding your son about an hour after your yoga session and I'll bet he will ingest a whole bunch of those great exercise endorphins!

Running2Ks said...

I wish you tons of luck with this plan. V8 is also a good thing to drink (if you were doing WW, it would be 0 pts). I have a friend who eats daily donuts. It isn't helping her lose the baby weight either. It sure is a struggle. I'm going on 2 1/2 years of calling it baby weight. Is that allowed?

Amy said...

Well, the X donuts certainly are not for weight loss! It actually rather sabotages my efforts but I cannot say no when I know I can't get them in the US. I will be able to take off more weight once I'm more active in the States. Here in Bangkok, the majority of my movement is done with housework and a powerwalk or yoga session in the early evening. That's it. :(