Friday, October 14, 2005

Awkward reconnection with a friend

I was good friends with former colleague at the first school in Thailand where I worked. Since I had gotten a job at another school and moved away, I had only seen her at my wedding a few months later and then when I was seven months pregnant with Aidan. We'd occasionally talk on the phone, but she was busy teaching and tutoring every day. EVERY day. She had a whole family to take care of and didn't have a lot of time, so I never was offended that she didn't have time for visiting.

Well, after the baby came, I never called her. I was going through some baby blues and home sickness and it was too much for me to pick up a phone. Soon a month passed, then two passed. After that, I felt weird about calling her -- would she be angry with me? It was still a pain to take Aidan anywhere and all I wanted to do was hole up in my apartment.

Suddenly it was time to move back to the States and I still hadn't even called her. Now it's been about seven months since we even communicated and this morning I finally emailed her, apologizing about not getting in touch. One might argue that she also did not contact me, which is true. She didn't have a lot of time and she did have a lot of responsibilities. Anyway, I don't look at it as anybody's fault, and I sucked up my courage and wrote to her.

I hope she writes me back.

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