Sunday, October 02, 2005

Got a sofa and a bookcase

The other day I went walking with Aidan to explore more of our new hometown and found a home furnishings consignment store and had to take a lookie loo. I found a nice big comfy sofa for $150 and some bookcases for $25 and $35 -- nice tall wooden ones. I went home to consult with Golf and the next day we came out together to see what he thought. We liked them and made the purchase, except one of the bookcases was sold. But we saw another for $65, and it had deeper shelving so we could double layer the smaller books and would do the work that two would do, so we went ahead with it. Delivery was an extra $35 and so worth it since getting furniture home was our biggest issue. I mean I love craigslist, but if you don't have a way of taking something home, it does no good.

The sofa has ended up being a bit large for the living room, but we can make it work. I'm glad we got it because with Aidan growing up into messy toddlerhood, the sofa will likely be bounced on and get many things spilled on it, so if it ends up ruined, then it's no big loss. Once he turns five, we might consider something nicer. I just remember reading a friend's blog about how her two children constantly threaten her nice couch and she has to keep vigilance over it as well as a slip cover!

So far most of the things in our apartment are either bought used or borrowed and/or given to us by my parents. And thank goodness too since we started out with basically nothing when we moved back to the States. It costs ALOT of money to furnish a home! So despite a pretty costly start-up these last two months, I think we can finally start budgeting for monthly expenses that occur regularly.


Running2Ks said...

And we'll be seeing pictures? It sounds like your home is really coming together!

Amy said...

Soon! I promise, soon! :)