Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Finally getting the rest of it

Today my parents are coming out for a visit on this rainy day, our first rainy day since moving here. We're making one last stop to Ikea to get the last of what we need to complete our apartment. The main thing we need is our entertainment center. We need a corner unit, but if we don't find something there we like, I'm going to oder this one at Very basic, but in an apartment that's quickly becoming filled, we can't get anything huge (unlike our SOFA!)

At Ikea (I'm really not a sales person for them, they just have inexpensive, nice looking things) we're also going to get a full length mirror to put in our bedroom or the hallway, two large cannisters for rice and flour, CD racks to go on the wall and a peg rack for jackets that will be over the shoe rack in the entry.

I'm making a lovely 16 bean soup for me and my parents when they arrive. Unfortunately, Golf doesn't like beans so he gets to eat the leftover wild rice and bulger with braised vegetables we ate last night. Yummy! :)


Running2Ks said...

I like that corner unit.

And hey, you are eating very yummy food over there, so if you have leftovers.... :)

amygeekgrl said...

good luck w/ the furniture shopping. i haven't heard of ikea. not that we have any money to spend on furniture, but if we ever do, i'll have to chk it out. inexpensive is good. :)

i'm with R2Ks - sounds like some good eats!