Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Photos of the finished nursery

Golf put up the latest edition of the photo album -- it's usually updated weekly and I'll always post here when it is. There are pics of the whole nursery, finally FINALLY finished. I would love to get more artwork up on the walls, but have not seen anything I like for a price I like. Which brings me to the next topic -- creating my own art!

While living in Bangkok, I really got into the idea of making collages. Not just pictures made from cutout magazines, no, I want to use hand made papers of varying thicknesss, from tranparent to cardboard. I want different textures and may even add things like beads and small jewelry bits. I would focus first on creating works for children and once I get pretty good at it, I'll try selling it to make some money.

For fun, I would love to do landscapes, gardens, historical landmarks, and still lifes. Beautiful things! And if I become successful enough, I'd rent a studio space, for a two bedroom apartment simply does not have the room to have my own workspace. So between artist and postpartum doula, these are the two career switches I'm considering when Aidan gets a little older. :)


Running2Ks said...

You guys are gorgeous and that nursery is adorable!

Jyotsna said...

What a cute nursery! Your having alot of fun. This is the fun age for sure. They are awake enough to enjoy outings, and still young enough that they don't have temper tantrums! : )