Saturday, October 29, 2005

Parents here for the weekend

My parents are here for the weekend, and my mother will be here with us until Monday, so having the extra hands for entertaining the baby are very helpful. I really enjoy their company and they love their grandson so much. I never had a close relationship with the only grandparent I ever had: My grandfather (mother's dad), and both of Golf's parents are deceased, so my parents are all Aidan has. And I'm so thankful for their enthusiastic involvement.

This weekend we're going back to the baby consignment store to shop for a winter coat and some thicker pants and many even some shoes -- or thicker socks.

Sunday is the day Golf would like to take us to the Thai temple that is in Berkeley. I've never been to any Thai temples in the States, only a few Hindu temples and ashrams, so it will be interesting to see how different or the same they are to the ones in Thailand. Baby needs some blessings now that we're here in the States. :)

Incidently, I have a new friend who has a baby boy only a month and a half younger than Aidan. Her husband also gets the same sorts of worse case scenarios played out in his head too, with his son. So I'm glad I'm not alone because the lack of comments in my previous post kind of makes me feel like I'm a loner in this department.

So my new friend is a woman seven years my senior who is a neighbor and noticed Golf and I one day taking Aidan out. I'm very glad she said hello. Maybe it's a California thing, but people are not very open and friendly here. The most friendly people are those who don't have kids with them. Fellow mothers of babies don't seem inviting, so I'm grateful for my new friend Donna. She and her husband were going to move to Las Vegas by December and I was bummed about Aidan and her son Jake not growing up together being good friends. Then I found out yesterday they are staying so now I can be happy that our sons will still get to play together when they get older. They already look at each other with keen interest. It's so cool!

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