Friday, October 21, 2005

Various thoughts this morning

Man, when I was living in Thailand, I'd have something to blog about almost every day -- usually some frustration about how differently we westerners would have completed a task, some cultural event, or new quirky food discovery etc. Now my life is so different! It's very laid back and now that I'm spending most of my time at home, I almost feel like there's not much that's interesting to tell the world about. I also miss my time teaching. That was the best career I had -- the most fulfilling and meaningful and I'm so glad to have had it. If I started my teaching career younger, I'd have spent more years in Thailand teaching. I'm so glad to know that for the rest of my life, my husband, son and I will be always returning. It's so true that Thailand grows on you and once you've visited, you will always want to return.

I think I'm still in my transitional stage -- not completely used to being here yet and missing a little bit my old life. The main things I do not miss are the heat, humidity and terrible pollution. Here we get noise too, the goddamn leaf blowers. But other than that and the busses that drive by, we're living in a pretty darn quiet area.

Speaking of quiet areas, my parents are now with their RV in a smallish town about 50 miles from here and on Sunday, we are going to go visit them for the day. They are along a river delta and it's very peaceful with bountiful nature all around. We'll show Aidan some nearby farm animals that Mom and Dad said are there. Cool! We haven't taken a trip farther than Berkeley since moving here almost two months ago. It will be really good to get out and see things before the weather starts getting cold.

Before driving out to my parents' place, I plan to go to an estate sale early in the morning near here. One of these old mansions, hacienda style with all the beautiful Mexican tilework, posted an estate sale sign on the porch and I would love to go, if anything to check out the inside of that beautiful house.

That's it for now!

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Michelle said...

Hey Amy:

Sounds like things are still going well for you? Love the photos of Aidan's nursery and that little chest you snagged is a great find!

I'm SO sorry I didn't get to call you while I was in the US - I was there for 18 days and never stopped running. The only time I ever seemed to have chance to call you was early morning and because you're 3 hours ahead of North Carolina, it would be 4am your time, which I didn't think you'd appreciate :-)

I will try and give you a call from Thailand though when things settle down but I'm with my parents right now and we're doing a whirlwind tour of Bangkok and then Chiang Mai (you know what tour groups are like! I'm having to leave my apartment at 6am every morning to get downtown for when the bus leaves :-)

Glad things are going well though. And oh, I heard Robert either quit or was asked to leave? (both rumors going around). Honestly, no great loss really - he was getting so whiny and hated teaching G6. So this semester they've asked me to teach them - I never had a problem with them so I'm not too worried. Well, gotta run.

See ya!