Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beginning to Feel Better

Oh my aching back! Yesterday was a bad day until midday, but Golf had bought me a back support at the drug store and it REALLY helped! Today I'm feeling so much better that I can sit normally and I could put my socks on with little pain.

I feel worse for not being able to get outside everyday. We've had some nice weather and I love taking Aidan out several hours per day - he gets adequate outside play time and I get my power walk in and we both feel vitalized afterward. I haven't been able to for a week now and Golf's been taking him out with him. He's taking him to the flea market with him this morning. At least he gets to go out. I went out for a few hours with them yard saleing yesterday morning, but it was painful. Perhaps tomorrow I might be well enough to walk with him to the library and let him play in the park.

Well, on the positive end - keeping up with my textbook reading has been a breeze! I'm going to take my first final exam on Tuesday.

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