Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An injury

Not to Aidan, so don't worry. To myself. Last Friday I went to my yoga class and we were doing a lot of back and spinal stretching - downward facing dog and different modified versions of it. I was only too glad because while my back has never given me problems, my upper back has always been too rounded and gives me bad posture.

In downward dog, you have to stretch your butt up to the ceiling while lengthening your arms in the opposite direction with your shoulders pushing opposite of your arms. It's a very dynamic pose. I guess I got overly dynamic in it because after class I felt some small amount of pain in my lower left back muscle. I just thought I had stretched it really well.

It started hurting worse the next day and was the same amount of annoying pain since then but not to the point of being extremely painful. I took a Tylonol here and there.

But yesterday evening I lifted Aidan up into his high chair, and while I was still under the effects of Tylonol, I felt it. Not a pop, but I could definitely feel a shift or a slip and the pain wasn't worse at first, but my body immediately became more protective of the injured area.

As the night wore on, the pain got worse. I now have to be very careful and slow. I don't know if I'm even going to be able to take Aidan out of his crib when he wakes up, I may have to have Golf help me. I just looked online for muscle injury care and they all say the same thing: Ibuprofin, ice and rest. Thank goodness Golf is here to help me with Aidan. He still likes to be picked up and carried a lot, and I simply cannot do it until my sprain gets better. UGH.

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