Thursday, March 22, 2007

My New Earth Shoes

I had seen the ad for Earth Shoes in several magazines, mostly yoga and health related. I thought the idea was kind of neat - a negative heel that sits a bit lower than the rest of the shoe.

Since I've bought some high heel boots and pumps for my new career, I thought that having an opposite effect on my feet and legs when not wearing heels would be beneficial.
So I checked out the website and I have to say that most of the shoes are not appealing looking to me - not my style. But I did find these pair here called Vision 2. They still look a little duck-like but I like them. They're replacing my worn out Diesel knock-offs I bought in Thailand for $10. I like wearing a casual shoe for walking around and not having to resort to my cross trainers, which I prefer to wear when power walking. I want these to wear to the store or to the flea market or just anywhere out n about.

Retail price for these is about $120 because they are real leather and well constructed. I found them on eBay for about half that price and with shipping I paid about $74. They should last me at least 10 years and with that length of time, I'd say the price is well worth it.

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