Monday, March 12, 2007

Toxic Shock

It all started out OK this morning. By 10 AM I was pretty hungry and could feel my caffeine headache coming on. However, by noon, I was knocked-down ill. I had a full blown migraine and I could hardly move. I managed to peel an orange for Aidan to eat with his lunch and after I prepared it, I ran to the bathroom and threw up. It only got worse from there. I couldn't even keep water down, which is dangerous during a fast. I spent the whole afternoon in bed. Golf ended up talking me into doing my fast at a later time when my body wouldn't suffer such a shock.

My mother also made the point that since having a baby my body chemistry has changed and when fasting used to be an ordeal I could handle, I'm not the same as I used to be. I've done a fast before and other than being lightheaded and hungry, I never got physically ill from it. This literally knocked me on my ass!

So I've got a new plan. I will eat better and wean myself from so much coffee. I'm going to incorporate less meat and more beans into my diet. I will work my way down to ONE cup of coffee a day, and beginning tomorrow, no more afternoon coffee. I'll take tea instead.

By summer I intend to try this again. I'm disappointed and embarassed, esp. after such pep-talk posts about it before doing it. But I felt so horrible and I couldn't do a thing. Thank goodness for Golf being so understanding and helping me out with Aidan. I have not given up, just modifying a plan that isn't working. In the end it makes no sense to doggely pursue something that is not working properly. This fast was not working out properly and I need to prepare my body over a long period of time.

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amygeekgrl said...

eep. i haven't checked in in a while. hope you are doing better now. that sounds miserable.