Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Photo Album Online

Hey all
Golf just uploaded a bunch of new photos mostly from our time at my parents' house. You can see Aidan, my mom and dad, Golf and me, but mostly of THAT BABY. ;)

Other news of note: Car troubles. We had to take it into the shop and fortunately the shop is within easy walking distance. It's been there since early yesterday morning and may not be finished until later this afternoon. So I've been putting off shopping til its back - scary how dependent we are on our vehicles, even in an urban area.

I was listening to a one of my favorite talk shows on the radio yesterday on my walk with Aidan and the guest was an expert in procrastinating behavior. Boy am I that! I have all these real estate text books to read - eight in total and I'm finding it a bit overwhelming to start and therefore I end up putting it off, finding little chores and other odds n ends to do before buckling down to read.

The guest on the program suggested to make mini goals, break the task down piece by tiny piece and put it into writing to help crystalize it in the mind. So when I got home, I decided to break my textbook up into chapters and I made it a goal to read one chapter per day. I wrote it on post-it notes and put them at the end of each chapter with the date. Now I feel more confident that I shall finish this first book and take the exam by the end of this month. YAY!

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amygeekgrl said...

fun new pics :) thanks for sharing them!