Saturday, March 10, 2007

Going on a 4-day detox fast

I made a decision a few days ago that when I return home I will do a detox fast and flush all these crappy toxins out of my system. I got back from a buffet at the casino with the family yesterday and that food isn't all that great and it was sitting in my gut like a lump. I've gained probably five pounds at Mom and Dad's, despite all the hard work that kept me active. In all, I have cultivated some bad dietary habits since being married (not Golf's fault, but he certainly has influence):
  • I eat WAY too much meat. Golf loves beef, pork, chicken -- but mostly beef and second place is pork. We eat it often and if I was single, I'd be eating a mostly vegetarian diet. He hates beans and most all legumes. My intention is to eat lean red meat ONCE a week, if that, and eat mostly vegetarian. My body needs this diet and I will just have to deal with the inconvenience of sometimes preparing more than one meal.

  • I am completely and utterly addicted to caffeine. I drink 2 1/2 cups of coffee in the morning with half-n-half, sugar AND Splenda. In the afternoon we also each have one cup of coffee to give us a boost. My excuse is that the British have their afternoon tea, so we have afternoon coffee. I need to cut it out and start drinking green tea if I need a boost, without all that sugar and half-n-half. It will save a bunch on the cost of Splenda too. And let us not forget how expensive coffee is!

  • I've been sitting here the last two days with a gas knot in my tummy. (Sorry if TMI) I've also gotten headaches. My exzema is acting up on my fingers. I've got an acne problem that I thought buying Proactiv Solution would cure -- no, I think I should be eating better. When I was taking the diet pills, I had still been ingesting food as I described above. In reasonable portions, but too fatty just the same. The remaining 10 pounds is still there.

  • I 100% believe that if the body is healthy and running at an optimum, the mind can be clear and focused. I need to prepare myself in every way to be the success I intend to be. I need to have the energy and concentration to fulfull my intentions, dreams and goals. Why bother with my yoga and meditation if I'm filling my body with red meat, fat, caffeine and sugar?

Monday is my day to begin and I intend to go for four days. The book I'm using says that three day fasts are the minimum a person needs to get any benefit, and the most I've ever done is two days. Four days is one day more than the minimum and at a level I think I can handle. I plan to describe what I go through and tomorrow I shall visit the health food store in preparation. I shall tell you what all I got to thoroughly roto-root my colon. LOL! I intend to blog about every day to also hold me accountable for my plans. I intend to go by the book, no cheating.

I'm going all the way for four days. I am going to do this and it is going to feel SO good at the end of my fast. I'm sure this will be a spiritual journey as well as a physical one, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

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