Friday, March 09, 2007

Returning Tomorrow

Not much blogging this week as we've been at my parents' house the last week. We're leaving tomorrow. The internet connection they have is dial-up and I've been so busy that I haven't had much patience in dealing with the slowness.

I've been helping them out as much as I can to show my gratitude in how much they've helped out Golf, Aidan and me. One big project I worked on was their RV trailer. They've had it parked for the last four months since they moved into their new place and they unpacked their essentials, but left just about everything else. Now they'd like to sell it, so I went in and started from the front and worked my way back deep cleaning it and detailing it. They should get a good price for it and I want to make sure their chances of that are high by having a nice clean trailer to sell. It was hard work!

I also cleared out the front yard and reset the stones by their two sets of trees. They have no real lawn, and the trees had a half-assed assemblege of stones at their bases that I took out and redid. I also collected a ton more rocks (it seemed like a ton anyway!) to add to it. Their property has SO MANY rocks n stones, it's amazing, so I thought I'd showcase the stones. Last time I was here I did the stone walkway from the driveway to the front door and that was hard labor. I also helped paint the side of the house and all this is in addition to doing daily chores such as cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

Mom and I had a great visit and we talked a lot, I learned more about her that I didn't know and it's been an overall positive experience.

My real estate books also arrived, but only six of them. Two more are on back order and should arrive hopefully before we come out again in May for Aidan's birthday. Beginning tomorrow I'm going to get back into my routine of yoga and meditation and then any spare moment I get will be spent with my nose in the book, plowing through the material. I'm already on chapter 3 in the first book, so I'm doing alright!

I have more to share over the weekend...

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