Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Interesting Movie

Before I tell you all about this movie I watched last night, let me tell you that I passed my first real estate course yesterday! I had my final exam online and I was able to finish it in an hour and a half.

Got my next book mapped out for my reading and should have it done in 2 weeks and one day. An old friend of mine who is in the mortgage lending business called me yesterday about a job opportunity near Sacramento, so I'll follow this lead and see how it goes. Things are looking well. My back is also doing better as I had a minor setback the other day.

OK so this movie I had in my Netflix queue called Ghengis Blues, about a blind San Francisco blues musician who learned the overtone, or harmonic throat singing from the region of Tuva, which is on the border of outer Mongolia and in Russia. He travels to Tuva and competes in their annual throat singing competition.

I rented this documentary because I'd been interested in throat singing - Tibetan monks chant with the low tones, but the Tuvans have this whistling sound in addition. I'm also interested in Mongolian tradition, the Tuvans being close in culture. Someday I will make a trip to Mongolia, or maybe even Kyzyl, the capital!

The UTube video below shows an example of both techniques of the signing that is most obvious. The deep sound and the whistling sound:

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Anonymous said...

This is so cool! But I can't figure out which one is making the whistling sounds. Do you know?